Crédits photo : Dr. Avishai Teicher, “The Internet Messenger by Buky Schwartz”, 2013, œuvre sous licence CC BY 2.5, disponible sur Wikimedia Commons.

This seminar follows the international workshop The alternative Internet(s) – state of the art and the possible future, organized in London in September 2014 in collaboration with CNRS Institute of Communication Sciences.

29 January 2018, 18h-20h

Institut de recherche et d’innovation
Salle Triangle, Beaubourg Center, Paris 4e

Seminar in English
Free entrance

What strategy for Alternative Internets?

29 January 2018, Paris, 18h-20h

English français

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netCommons and NextLeap, two EU-funded research project working on alternative networks and encryption, are convening a discussion on alternative Internet infrastructures.

Many groups across the world are trying to build technical infrastructures, be they telecom networks, access provision services or hosting and other online services, that foster decentralization and defend human rights. In that respect, they build "alternative Internets" that embody spaces of autonomy and resistance to hegemonic players in the digital realm. In this workshop, we are gathering activist and researchers to discuss the state of play, reflect on the success and failures of the "alternet movement" and lay out strategies that can help it grow and flourish in the coming years.

For each of the following topics, we will ask 2-3 participants to prepare seed talks before opening the discussion.
- Economic models
- Legal and regulatory needs
- Development strategy (politics)


netCommons team: Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay, Félix Tréguer (CNRS), Leandro Navarro (UPC)
NextLeap team: Francesca Musiani (CNRS), Vincent Puig, Giacomo Gilmozzi (IRI, Centre Pompidou), Harry Halpin (INRIA)
– Oriane Piquer-Louis (FFDN)
– Pierre-Yves Grosset (Framasoft)
– Tristan Nitot (Cozy Cloud)
– Francesco Brancaccio (IRI, Chaire Plaine Commune)
– Ramon Roca (Guifi, netCommons board member)
– Alison Powell (LSE)