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The Institute for Communication Sciences (ISCC), directed by Pascal Griset, is a Joint Service Unit (“Unité mixte de service” UMS 3665) within the community of higher education and research units Sorbonne Universités, which is supervised by the CNRS, the University of Paris Sorbonne and the University Pierre and Marie Curie.

Its mission is to initiate and follow up interdisciplinary research in communication science with a special interest in the interaction between science, technologies and society. The ISCC aims to structure research in this field by welcoming and federating research teams in that domain.

The Institute is an open place located at the heart of the Sorbonne Universités site. It welcomes doctoral and post-doctoral students, allowing them to meet researchers and access the scientific resources of a thematic digital library. This dynamic is fostered by the organization of many research seminars.

Research is organized around a series of thematic poles. This work also includes media and scientific monitoring on the fields covered by ISCC researchers.