Considérée comme un droit ou comme une technologie, la cryptographie change la nature des relations humaines et, par conséquent de notre environnement politique conçu dans un équilibre instable entre espace public et espace privé, entre exigence de transparence et droit au secret. Cette séance d’ouverture du projet européen NextLeap organisée à l’occasion de la conférence EuroCrypt vise à apporter une perspective sociale, philosophique et technologique sur la communication cryptée et sa gouvernance ou son contrôle politique.

5 mai 2017, 17h à 21h

Centre Pompidou, Petite Salle
Paris 4e

NEXTLEAP Project Launch Event

The Political Significance of Cryptography

5 mai 2017, 17h à 21h, Centre Pompidou

Accueil > Évènements > Séminaires et ateliers réguliers > Decrypting algorithms



Although historically cryptography has been restricted to government and industrial use, there has recently, after revelations of mass surveillance by Snowden, been increased interest in securing the everyday communications of citizens : Applications such WhatsApp, Telegram, Silence,, Signal, and even PGP all claim to use end-to-end encrypted messaging to secure the content of communication. There has been discussion in France after the Bataclan attacks of banning end-to-end encryption, and in recent weeks, political parties have declared their desire to keep end-to-end encryption legal but have a backdoor or passwords available to the government. Rumors of hacking now dominate the news, and are claimed even influence elections. Given that cryptography has moved from an obscure branch of mathematical number theory to a real-world problem, the NEXTLEAP project is drawing together an interdisciplinary group of cryptographers, activists, and philosophers to discuss the political significance of cryptography.

17:00 Keynote by Bernard Stiegler
18:00 Panel with cryptographers and activists
20:30 Short presentations of current researches