Avec Lino Camprubi, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte.

Jeudi 4 mai 2017, 17h à 19h

Institut des sciences de la communication
20 rue Berbier-du-Mets, Paris 13e
Métro 7 « Les Gobelins »

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Séminaire Histoire des sciences, histoire de l’innovation

Underwater Surveillance and the Modern Mediterranean

4 mai 2017, 17 à 19h, ISCC

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This paper explores the geopolitical and scientific resources mobilized in the effort of anti-submarine warfare at Gibraltar. Far from offering a US-centered perspective, it analyzes a number of transnational research programs and is very attentive to interests predating the Cold War, namely sovereignty disputes and decolonization. Underwater surveillance was a matter of acoustics. It required both the standardization of experience through trained ears and precise knowledge of sound propagation, which depended on Atlantic-Mediterranean water flows. The attention to circulation of civil and military oceanographers paved the way for the scientific globalization of the Mediterranean.

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