Avec Andreas Marklund, Post & Tele Museum Danmark.

Jeudi 26 novembre 2015, 17h à 19h

Institut des sciences de la communication
20 rue Berbier-du-Mets, Paris 13e
Métro 7 « Les Gobelins »

Séminaire Histoire des sciences, histoire de l’innovation

Understanding surveillance in a long-term perspective – the case of Scandinavia around 1914

26 novembre 2015, 17h à 19h, ISCC

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Surveillance studies is an emerging field of academic research that has generated new perspectives and questions to the study of the past. In this lecture, I aim to explore the historical connections between modern telecommunications and the development of practices for state surveillance. My focus is on Denmark and wider Scandinavia during World War One : a period that witnessed an enormous increase in Scandinavian telecommunications traffic, but also the implementation of new administrative routines and technologies for secret monitoring and censorship. I shall argue that WW1 was a “game changer” in the process, at least from a Scandinavian point of view. However, I will also stress that the history of surveillance has dimensions that must be understood in the longue durée, as they point back to pre-modern conceptions of (absolute) state power, including a deep-seated distrust against secrecy in private forms of communication.