Matthieu Latapy is director of research at CNRS-Lip6 (UMR 7606 UPMC/CNRS). Francesca Musiani is researcher at CNRS-ISCC.


Modeling of temporal interactions (MIT)

Scientific coordinators: Matthieu Latapy and Francesca Musiani

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Contacts between individuals, information exchanges, commercial transactions, mobility of people and objects: studying the structure and dynamics of interactions is often crucial for a thorough understanding of these phenomena and their many applications.

It is possible, for example, to analyse controversies in terms of particular interactions during a given time; to study scientific collaborations, their evolutions, and the emergence of new fields; to identify communication strategies thanks to temporal and structural factors. Nowadays, a large variety of methods exists to do so, that vary according to the field, the domain of application concerned, the subject of study, or a variety of disciplinary practices.

These various approaches cohabit and sometimes compete; however, the answers they provide to scientific and application needs are yet incomplete.

The core objective of this research group is to confront the different ways in which temporal interactions can be modeled. While these approaches often derive from specific disciplines, we will especially look into transversal approaches between “hard” sciences and social and human sciences.

It is our hope, in a spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration and overture, to lead the progress of our general understanding of the above phenomena, identify core “families” of methods and approaches, foster a convergence of compatible proposals, and contribute to the identification and diffusion of best practices.

We are particularly open to the participation of people interested by specific case studies. The research group meets at the ISCC once a month for half a day. Sessions may include scientific lectures, discussions on a participant’s most recent work, a new research project to be developed...

The participation is open.

Research Project

RESISTIC, 2018-2020

Les résistants du Net. Critiques et contournements des frontières digitales en Russie

Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR), co-coordination de l’axe 1, «Les luttes expertes pour les libertés en ligne».

NEXTLEAP, 2016-2018

NeXt generation Techno-social and Legal Encryption Access and Privacy

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (H2020-ICT-2015, ICT-10-2015).

Pole’s Members of the research group

- Christophe Cambier, Ummisco, IRD and UPMC
- Clémence Magnien, Lip6, CNRS and UPMC
- Lionel Tabourier, Lip6, CNRS and UPMC
- Fabien Tarissan, Lip6, CNRS and UPMC
- Raphaël Fournier, Cédric, Cnam
- Bertrand Jouve, Framespa CNRS and Université de Toulouse 2