Cette séance accueille Timothy H Stoneman, Visiting professor, Georgia Tech Lorraine.

Jeudi 16 avril 2015, 17h à 19h

Institut des sciences de la communication
20 rue Berbier-du-Mets, Paris 13e
Métro 7 « Les Gobelins »

Séminaire Histoire des sciences, histoire de l’innovation

Global Radio and Religion : A Protestant Voice of Europe, 1945-1970

16 avril 2015, 17h à 19h

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In 1931, American evangelical broadcasters started Station HCJB in Ecuador, inaugurating the global missionary radio project. Private religious broadcasters from the United States fused sectarianism with commercial orientation to become over time the single largest component of international broadcasting. Evangelicals had to overcome numerous technological and political obstacles to get on the air in Europe after 1945. Baptist evangelist Paul Freed successfully launched a “Protestant Voice of Europe” in 1954 by establishing successive transmission platforms in Tangiers, Monaco, and the Netherlands Antilles. Evangelical broadcasting in Europe formed part of postwar Americanization and the Cold War configuration of the continent. Yet American religious mass media across the Atlantic is best framed globally, since principles, programs, and practices flowed in both a trans-hemispheric and trans-regional direction.