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Researcher, CNRS

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Permanent researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Institute for Communication Sciences (ISCC)

Co-ordinator with Matthieu Latapy of the research group Modeling of temporal interactions and member of the research groups Digital Paths and Information and Commons Governance

Associate researcher at the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation of MINES ParisTech-PSL

Academic editor, Internet Policy Review

Global advisor, Internet Governance Lab, American University (Washington)

Francesca Musiani (PhD, MINES ParisTech, 2012) is Associate Research Professor (chargée de recherche), French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Institute for Communication Sciences (ISCC-CNRS/Paris-Sorbonne/UPMC), associated researcher with the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation of MINES ParisTech-PSL, and academic editor for the Internet Policy Review. Her research explores several facets of Internet governance, and draws upon an interdisciplinary training in information and communication sciences, science and technology studies, and international law.

Francesca was the Yahoo! Fellow in Residence at Georgetown University and an affiliate of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University in 2012-2013, and was a nominated member of the Commission for Law and Liberties in the Digital Age of the French Parliament (2014-2015). She is currently one of the Principal Investigators for the European H2020 project NEXTLEAP (2016-2018, Next-Generation Techno-Social and Legal Encryption, Access and Privacy), a nominated member of the Digital Foresight Units of the CSA and the ARCEP (France’s regulators of broadcast media and electronic communications, respectively) and was recently elected co-vice-chair of the Communication Policy and Technology section of IAMCR.

Francesca is the author of Internet et vie privée en 40 pages [Internet and Privacy, in 40 pages] (Uppr Editions, 2016) and Nains sans géants. Architecture décentralisée et services Internet [Dwarfs Without Giants. Decentralized Architecture and Internet Services] (Presses des Mines, 2013 [2015], awarded the Prix Informatique et Libertés 2013 by the French Privacy and Data Protection Commission, CNIL) and has recently co-edited The Turn to Infrastructure in Internet Governance (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2016, with D. Cogburn, L. DeNardis and N. Levinson) and Abécédaire des architectures distribuées [Primer of Distributed Architectures] (Presses des Mines, 2015, with C. Méadel).

Francesca teaches the sociology of socio-technical controversies at MINES ParisTech, at the Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires (CRI), and at the Ecole Mohammed VI Polytechnique-EMINES in Morocco.

Francesca is an Italian-born, France-adopted nomad-at-heart who has spent quite some time in the United States during her twenties. She tweets at @franmusiani.

– STS approaches to Internet governance
– Decentralized and distributed architectures of the Internet
– Socio-economic approaches to technologies of privacy protection (encryption, privacy by design)
– Digital heritage and heritagization
– Peer production and sharing economy
– Authorship and contribution in the digital age
– Second-hand markets for digital goods

NEXTLEAP, 2016-2018
“Next generation Techno-social and Legal Encryption Access and Privacy”, H2020 Multidisciplinary research on collective awareness platforms (CAPS) Internet Science, (Work Package Lead, “Social Design and Philosophical Foundations of Decentralization”).

netCommons, 2016-2018
“Network infrastructure as Commons”, H2020 Multidisciplinary research on collective awareness platforms (CAPS) Internet Science, coordination Università degli Studi di Trento (UniTn), (participation).

ASAP, 2016
«Archives sauvegarde attentats Paris. De #jesuischarlie à #offenturen : archives et archivage du patrimoine nativement numérique face aux attentats», CNRS, (participation).

Web90, 2014-2017
«Patrimoine, mémoires et histoire du Web dans les années 90», ANR Jeune chercheur, (participation).

Alternet, 2014
«Architectures alternatives de l’internet : les risques de la centralisation et de la décentralisation du réseau», PEPS Risque et communication (CNRS), (participation).

P2Pvalue, 2013-2016
“Techno-social platform for sustainable models and value generation in commons-based peer production in the Future Internet”, FP7-ICT Information and communication technologies, (participation).

Patrimonium, avril-décembre 2013
«Patrimoine en réseaux : enjeux, perspectives et tensions», PEPS Expertise, controverses et communication entre science et société (CNRS), (participation).

L’auteur au temps du numérique, juin-octobre 2011
CSI Mines ParisTech et IFP Université Panthéon-Assas, dans le cadre des Labs Hadopi, (participation).

ADAM, 2010-2014
Distributed Architecture and Multiple Multimedia Services, projet ANR, programme CONTINT, CSI Mines ParisTech, (participation).

Vox Internet, novembre 2008 à mai 2010
«La construction démocratique des normes», projet ANR, ENS Lettres et sciences humaines, Fondation Maison des sciences de l’Homme, CSI Mines ParisTech, (membre associée du conseil scientifique).