Le réseau thématique européen sur le domaine public numérique COMMUNIA, financé par la Commission européenne de 2007 à 2011, poursuit son activité de recherche et de valorisation sous la forme d’une association internationale à but non lucratif basée à Bruxelles.


Lancement de Communia

Association internationale pour le domaine public numérique, 16 juin 2011, Bruxelles

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The Communia Thematic Network has
been funded by the European Commission from September 2007 until
February 2011. Coordinated by Politecnico di Torino (Italy), the
Network gathered over 50 members from academia and civil society
researching and promoting the digital public domain in Europe and
worldwide. Four years later, Communia members wish to pursue the
cooperation under the form of an International Non-Profit Association
based in Brussels. The Association’s mission is to educate about,
advocate for, offer expertise and research about the public domain in
the digital age within society and with policy-makers.

After decades of measures that have drastically reduced the public
domain, typically by extending the terms of protection, it is time to
strongly reaffirm how much our societies and economies rely on a
vibrant and ever expanding public domain. The role of the public
domain, already crucial in the past, is even more important today, as
the Internet and digital technologies enable us to access, use and
re-distribute culture with an ease and a power unforeseeable even just
a generation ago.

The Communia Association aims at pursuing this discussion…

  • Help us create a more balanced discussion about copyright in the
    digital environment and maximize the economic, social and cultural
    impact of our cultural and scientific heritage.
  • Join the launch event after the first plenary session of the EC
    Digital Agenda Assembly…


  • Open discussion about the public domain in the digital world, the
    future challenges
  • Prospectives on the future activity of Communia
  • Drinks and networking

Informations pratiques

COMMUNIA Association Launch, 16 June 2011

The Monk Café
Rue Sainte-Catherine, 42, 1000 Brussels
From 21H onwards - In the presence of COMMUNIA Association co-founders